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We can relocate your aircraft with a complete turnkey operation.  DAR flight permits, planning services. overflight permits and experienced flight crews. Technical assistance when required.


A select few of our former clients are:

  • United States Air Force – Contracted with foreign Military Sales (FAR Experience).

  • Hughes Aircraft Co. - Specialized Program for aircraft modified for satellite maintenance.

  • Philippine Airlines - Cost reduction survey for the airline maintenance department.

  • United Airlines - Created the manuals for the FAA 121 Certification for the new Avolar division.

  • Amiri Flight - Produced the document requirements for certification of Royal Jet in Abu Dhabi.


"C" and "D" Check Management
  • We provide expertise in the monitoring of the required manpower and inspection flow. 

  • Non routine items will be reviewed and will be assessed to ensure that all repairs are cost effective and are in reglulatory compliance.  

  • The cost of consumable and expendable materials during a heavy maintenance check is significant and will be audited to provide the best financial outcome

Ferry Services
Complete Service
  • Reposition Aircraft 

  • Experienced Flight Crews 

  • Technical Assistance 

  • Permits 

  • DAR Services

  • Planning

  • Fuel Discounts

Fleet Transitions
Compliance Audits


  • We audit aircraft records and  review the logbooks to insure conformity and regulatory compliance. 


  • Technical Assistance to Legal Counsel.


  • Maintenance program streamlining and bridging that will enhance reliability and reduce costs.

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