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MLR Worldwide Aviation Services Provides the Following Services:

  • Lease Return Records Audits and technical management  

  • Manage aircraft induction into storage 

  • DAR Services Ferry Permits

  • Pre-buy Inspections and Re positioning 

  • FAA 121-135-145-147 Certifications

  • Decades of Experience


Pre-Buy Inspections
  • Evaluate condition of the aircraft

  • Regulatory Compliance Verification

  • Maintenance Status

  • Representation for Pre-Buy Technical Evaluations

Ferry Services
Complete Service
  • Reposition Aircraft 

  • Experienced Flight Crews 

  • Technical Assistance 

  • Permits 

  • DAR Services

  • Planning

  • Fuel Discounts

We Monitor:

  • Maintenance program

  • Efficiency of the Facility

  • Quality of product

  • Cost of the outcome

  • Out of service time

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